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Dave Lantz
Dave Lantz, PhD.
Design | Marketing

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Dave.

Creative & Art Director, Web Designer & Developer, Photographer, Mentor, and All Around Nice Guy.

Over the last 25 years, I have worked in almost every aspect of marketing from a production designer to the owner of my own studio and marketing company. I currently freelance providing pro bono services in designing/developing web sites and web applications, photography work, print marketing materials, brand development, and administration of several business social media accounts. Virtually all my work is geared toward veteran business startups, charity originations, and non-profits.

I have had some incredible opportunities to be part of some amazing teams with work that has been recognized with several ADDY Awards and a couple of WEBBY's. My photography has been published in numerous national and international magazines as well as a number of showings throughout the US. This is my passion - well that and these incredible mini-crumble biscuit bites from this little place call Capistrano's´ - the best just the best!

Still want more huh?

JetPay Corporation
Art Director | Sr. Web Developer
July 2005 | Current

JetPay is a multifaceted payments, payroll and merchant services origination servicing clients from small retail store fronts to some of the largest eCommerce merchants on the web today. As the in-house AD the majority of responsibilities fall in the area of our online and trandshow efforts while providing perspective & creative input to our print media as well as studio time creating imaging of company products and PR photos. My time with JetPay has afforded me the opportunity to work not only in a very creative capacity but a very technical one as well. I have been able to sharpen my web programming skills in the area of encryption, web services and eCommerce PCI compliance. I currently serve as part of our key generation team & on our disaster recovery team; with a primary focus on business continuity and physical security.

Due to my position JetPay, I am unable to develop or design payment applications, modules, shopping carts or other eCommerce platforms where JetPay is not the primary payments processor. This is considered a conflict of interest within the payments industry. I can, however, provide expert consulting services for PCI compliance, architecture, and processes including best practices for risk & fraud prevention as well as Automated Clearing House (ACH eChecks) processing.


Anyone Know a Guy formally nine72 Studios
May 1992 | Current

Anyone Know a Guy provides creative solutions for identity and marketing needs of non-profits, charity, and veteran based start-up businesses. Innovative campaigns to leverage emerging media and technologies to launch or reinvent image and perception. Providing everything from branding, advertising, direct mail campaigns, print production and photography services to consulting on current marketing efforts and process improvements pro-bono to non-profits and veteran run businesses.

While branded as nine72 Studios I engaged in the largest marketing campaign of my career. An international campaign that for a new concept in the home building industry. The goal of taking it to market, grow the adoption rate and increase revenue for the parent company. This campaign included trade shows both in the US and in Europe, sole sponsorship of a Hendrix Motor-sport NASCAR for a the 2000 season (Oh we won the NAPA 500 that year.) and co-sponsor with the US Coast Gard the following season. At the end of 18 months, the adoption rate rose from 30% of major US home builders to almost 70% as well as almost all major building material suppliers and over 1000 cities. This pushed an increase in the over all revenue of the company from $250 million a year to $790 million^. The end result was the purchase of the company for $1.6 billion 9 months later.

^ this number based on earning report for the company at the close of 2002.


Natalie Gwen Foundation
Chairman | Co-Founder & CEO

The Natalie Gwin Foundation is private scholarship foundation*, created to provide the next step for female college students that are pursuing a career in the medical field, specifically Surgical Ophthalmology. Students are nominated by their professors/councilors at their respective college or university. The foundation awards 20 full ride scholarships a year while as undergraduates. Once they successfully complete medical school we continue providing financial assistance while in Ophthalmic Surgery residency (4 years). Once their surgical residency is completed the foundation makes offers to provide grants and funding when a receipient desires to start their own practice.

The foundation also provides grants and makes investment in businesses and organizations that are committed to the fields of ophthalmology and vision restoration. Further the foundation provides operational grants for outreach services through several medical professional groups to provide vision screenings to lower income areas as well as international medical relief foundations.

* Scholarships cannot be directly applied for, candidates must be nominated by their respective college or university. All submissions for scholarships are fully vet'ed, to meet established criteria, before scholarships may be offered.

As of June 2016, the Natalie Gwin Foundation is self sustaining providing scholarships, grants, funding, endowments and support totaling approximately $260 million dollars a year.


Founder | CEO
2005 | Present

The Center for Airsoft Statitics and Player Relations (TCASPR) pronounced "Casper" is a volunteer based research and statistical origination, collecting data and statistics on the sport of Airsoft and Airsoft players from around the world. Our goal is to Collect | Organize | Quantify data about the sport of Airsoft and its players. The information gathered helps to generate accurate details as to the number of players in a particular area, average ages, how much is spent by players, preferred types of play, and may other areas that used to promote the sport. The statistics and data gathered have increased safety within the sport as well as been used to educate and provide solid facts regarding the sport regarding legislation efforts to restrict or ban the sport in areas. Further, through our efforts TCASPR has played a key role in not only legalizing the sport of Airsoft in a number of countries but also to have it moved to the level of a recognized sport in several countries complete with professional ranking systems.

With over 3000 volunteers in 36 countries, two million plus player profiles, retailer data, and manufacture data, TCASPR is the world's leading authority on the sport of Airsoft.

TCASPR genertes zero income from its efforts and is soley funded by the board of directors and donations from its members and voluenteers. No member of TCASPER receives compensation for their time.

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University

BA - Photography | Design
Go Eagles!

Boston Collage

MA - Design
Farmham UK

University for
the Creative Arts

PhD - Photography


Professional Originations - AFPA | SGA | AAPP | AIGA | NCDA | PMA
As with everything very few people will ever be at that magical 100% mark. If someone is telling you that they are, set them at 40% and make them prove the rest - even with a PhD.
Photography, % 90
Design, % 85
Marketing, % 88
Development, % 73
Branding % 80
Research % 89
Statistic Modeling % 75
proud to be a part of
Images Taken
regular not de-caf
Coffee Cups
million dollars
Largest Campaign

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.

Albert Einstein
Though my life, there has always been a need within me to help others in some way. I have been a friend, confidant, supporter and an encourager. I have found that my talents are in great need to groups and originations that might not be able to afford the best but deserve more than they can get for free. I currently provide pro-bono work for non-profits, military veteran start-up businesses, and charities around the country.
A few of the origization I have worked with:
North Texas Food Bank | Boy Scouts of America | North Texas Chivers | NOAL Chivers | American Red Cross | ALS Society | Lymphoma and Leukemia Society | Association of Elite Youth Leadership | SPCA | Active Heroes | The Pathway Home | The Greatest Generations Foundation and more...

All origination are supported thought time & services donations.
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