I see a portfolio as a "Game of Thrones' episode. It has to start with something great, keep the interest high throughout, and end with a WTF!

Alex Brunori

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Lets be honest...

While I do design, marketing, web, development and so on, I am a photographer first and foremost. This part of the portfolio is extensive and was the most difficult to generate. In the last 30 years I have taken over 250K images most of what you see, were picked by friends and clients because I am my own worst critic.

These galleries are image heavy and will take a minute or two to load ... just wait for it, it will be worth it I promise.


Photography Portfolio
Everyday Shots
Take your camera everywhere.
Even if you are not a photographer take a camera where ever you go - NO, no not your camera phone a real camera, even if its a point and shoot there is so much out there to be seen and saved.
Nature Photography
Vacation or a getaway nature is awesome.
Nature has a way of calming me like nothing else can. Oceans to mountains to deserts and thick forests. There are a million images in a mile and tomorrow that same mile will look new through the lens.
Fashion Photography
Capturing the model in their natural habitat.
Fashion photography is demanding, with a veritable army of riggers, lighting, hair & makeup, support people, your people, their people and people you wonder how the heck they got on a closed set!
Advertising Photography
Base images for advertisements.
A grain of rice, that is the smallest item I have ever taken an image of for a product campaign and that grain of rice had to speak to the consumer about not rice, but about land-mines.
Potrate Photography
Capturing the essence of a subject
The most intimate image you can produce, you're up close and personal with the subject. Hair, lights, posture, setting everything running through your mind as the shutter clicks - are they going to like it.
Food Photography
Food & Beverage
Are you hungry yet?
Setting up for a food shot is time consuming. Placement on the plate or in a bowl, are you getting all the predominate features? Wait is that steam coming off the ice cream?!?
Archituture Photography
Architecture & Urban Decay
Build it, leave it, nature re-claim it.
What is it that drives us to build, more over what is it that causes us to abandon what we have build and leave it to nature to re-claim
Award Winning Photos
Award Winners
Images that got me some recognition.
Like all photographers, from time to time, we like to know what our peers think of our work, our style. This is a collection of images that have been submitted and garnered some level of praise. Honorable mentions to best in class, and I am my worst critic and don't think they were deserving.
The Human Form
Male & Female Nudes
Ah the human form, so many shapes, sizes, colors, each its own canvas. Each image is a study of form and what we brought into this world when we arrived. The images in this gallery are for those not offended by the human form - So this is your notice "18+ Only" because reasons.
Macro Photography
Up-close   Personal
The area of macro photography is one that I find wondrous. Taking the big picture and pulling down to just one aspect to the finite details of the subject showing a world of beauty in objects that we take for granted when seen.
Expermital Photography
Pushing me and the equipment
This class of photography is an all out anything goes, rip the doors off the hinges, and honey I'm home. When I do experimental images they are still done with film no digital effects or overlays in their creation. While this is time consuming and easy ruined it is what I think photography should be.
Whisky Tango Foxtrot
What the F**K
It's a little disturbing in there.
Yeah, you read the quote at the top of the page didn't you. What you are about to see are simply images that well took a wrong turn somewhere in my mind that while the rest of the images in the series are more or less just dandy somewhere it got twisted and this is the result.